• Jing allows you to record your screen for presenting or teaching concepts
  • It's free and great for creating explanations of mathematics problems
  • Also good for giving feedback to students, instructions on problem sets, and reviewing problem areas on exams

How to Use this Tool

  1. Download Jing and watch overview video (Free). You can also use Snagit which allows you to create videos longer than 5 minutes ($30 for educators)
  2. Download SmoothDraw 4 (Free) for whiteboard software (good for math) and it is free. Here is a short video (6:19) showing you how to use SmoothDraw
  3. Get yourself a tablet (e.g., Watcom Bamboo Pen and Tablet - $75 to $200 depending on size)
  4. Get yourself a decent Headset with Microphone (e.g., Logitech - $30 to $75)
  5. If you want to create a good mathematics video, you need to follow certain steps - please check out this list of research-based tips and watch the video (4:06)

Teaching Examples/ Strategies

  • You can create videos for
    • presenting concepts
    • explaining how to do problems
    • providing feedback to students
    • giving instructions for problems sets