Blogs - Blogger

  • Blogger is a free web-based resource that allows students to create webpages, journal entries,
    or engage in online discussions with peers
  • Users can include links to web sites, other blogs, news articles, pictures, or videos
  • Blogging especially appeals to students as a tool for individual expression
  • Note there there are many other blogging tools - I just find Blogger relatively easy to use

How to Use this Tool

Blogger Basics (by Amanda)

Teaching Examples/ Strategies

  • Activity 1: Journaling (5:00)
  • Activity 2: Individual or group presentation of concepts/problems
  • Activity 3 : Collaboration on a problem presented
  • Daily Lesson Blog - where students comment on the daily lesson - what they did and did not understand
  • Problem of the Week Blog - post challenge problem of the week - students can post answers on their own blogs
  • Student Mentor Blogs - helping other students to succeed
  • Top 25 Blogs of 2012